Record Books

4-H Record Books are an important tool for recording all of your 4-H experiences. It gives 4-H members the opportunity to think back over  past year’s activities and to realize just how much has been accomplished and more importantly, just how much they have learned.

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 4-H Record Books
Frequently Asked Questions

What are record books?
Record books are a great way for youth to keep track of what they do for their 4-H projects. Similar to a scrapbook, record books are a place to keep their memories of their 4-H year and the projects they participate in so they can learn and grow from one year to the next.

Why should youth keep records?
Records help members:

  • Learn how to identify goals and set priorities.
  • Establish good organizational and planning skills.
  • Reflect on the year, understanding and recognizing their challenges and achievements.
  • Learn how money is made or lost.
  • Experience personal satisfaction and growth through completion of a worthwhile task.

In Jackson County, you must turn in a record book in order to be selected for county-level project and record book awards.

Who turns in a record book?
All 4-H’ers are encouraged to turn in a record book to the Jackson County Extension Office. This includes Cloverbuds (using the Cloverbud Record Book) and all 4-H members in grades 3-19 (using either the 3rd-5th Grade Record Form or the General Purpose Record Form for youth in grades 6 and up).

Do youth have to do a project record for every project they sign up for?
No. The minimum number of project records a youth must complete for a record book is one. Youth are encouraged to complete more project records and can receive county awards for as many as 3 projects in one year.

When are record books due?
They are due to your 4-H club leader who will get them to the UWEX office in early September.

How are record books and the Annual Banquet related?
4-H’ers must complete a record book to be able to apply for a county award. In September, the record books and project records are judged by a county team of adult leaders. County record book and project awards are announced at the Annual Banquet in late October.


How do youth know how to complete a record book?
Jackson County has a “Member’s Guide to Doing Your Record Book.” The guidelines are available on-line at the address below or from the UWEX Office. A sample record book is also available at the UWEX Office so youth can see how it can look.

Where can I get copies of the record book forms?
Copies of the forms are available on-line at
If you have trouble with the links or don’t have internet access, printed copies are available by visiting the UWEX office or calling, 715-284-4257.